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DAB+ na Łotwie

: 4 grudnia 2017, o 11:23
autor: Max van Org
Przez rok Łotwa prowadziła testy DAB+ i zrezygnowała na korzyść internetu. Od marca br. działa na Łotwie BTS 5G.

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Re: DAB+ na Łotwie

: 5 grudnia 2017, o 09:09
autor: antypyra
Malutki kraj i łatwo 5 razy G pokryć.

Re: DAB+ na Łotwie

: 27 marca 2018, o 19:37
autor: JanisDX_Latvia

I am radio enthusiast from Latvia, so I will wirte in English. I hope other forum member don't mind...

Yeah, The National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP) has evaluated the results of the DAB + standard test of digital sound terrestrial broadcasting in the region of Riga, carried out by the State Radio and Television Center of Latvia (LVRTC), since November 2016, and decided not to continue this testing, nor to support the introduction of digital sound broadcasting DAB + in Latvia until to December 31, 2022, taking into account several aspects, including the long-term effectiveness of the broadcasting standard in question, the benefits to society of the costs of implementing this standard, as well as the potential impact on Latvian broadcasters and the advertising market.

"Latvia is one of the few countries in the world, where it has successfully managed to implement a wide range of Internet coverage now, and there is also targeted preparation for the introduction of both 5G mobile Internet and broadband Internet. The already available Internet technologies enable the development of various types of audio channels and content products for radio stations, while the introduction of the DAB + standard will require millions of euros in investment from taxpayers' money and will oblige consumers to replace radio receivers, explains Patriks Grīva, a member of The National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP)

Well, Latvian internet lobbyists have made a lot of publicity for 5G as if it's supposed to solve all the problems in the world. Crap. Big Telecom wins again. Otherwise, all negative opinions here on internet forums about DAB. Bad sound, bad reception, high transmission costs, but thats not true. Well... and all negativity comes from this anti DAB propoganda blog from where the bias were spreaded here on internet radio forums:

I have heard a regular reception on DAB+ test broadcast from Riga multiplex in 90 km distance. I have recieved more multiplexers from Sweden via Tropo aka. Tropospheric Ducting: ... 8-gzi_hzuK

In general, State Radio and Television Center of Latvia (LVRTC) LVRTC tests thinks the test where successful because:
1)positive feedback from listeners has been received both in Latvia and abroad;
2)some commercial electronic media representatives have expressed interest in taking part in tests;
3) the estimated cost of providing digital broadcasting compared to analogue broadcasting is several times lower.: Full article here:

Thanks to site admin to letting me to join this forum. :)

Greetings from Latvia!:


Re: DAB+ na Łotwie

: 27 marca 2018, o 22:12
autor: Max van Org
Welcome to the forum! Thanks for your review and comments. In every country, radio has other problems. DAB+ should always be a miracle cure for a problem. In Germany, the technical coverage of national public radio should be improved. The reorganization of radio frequencies (zerobase) in the Netherlands created more bandwidth for more commercial radio broadcasters. Despite reorganization there was not enough space. The need was greater and is now bigger with 5 DAB+ -layers. In Poland, public radio has too few frequencies on FM. What problem should DAB + solve in your country?

In some countries, people can only dream of unlimited data volumes for mobile Internet. Corresponding offers cost many times what it costs in your country. “Bite Neierobežots” for only 22,50 € or 21,99 at TELE2. Exactly the same offer costs in Germany 80 euros. “Neierobežots internets” at Amigo in Latvia there is an offer for 12 euros for unlimited internet. Another problem is radio reception abroad. The unlimited offers of Latvian mobile operators are unlimited only in Latvia, for abroad there is again a limit.

If the radio companies rely on me to pay my subscription for cellphone to listen to their programs, there must be a lot of wishful thinking.

I see the influence from Sweden in your country. Maybe it has historical reasons. I wonder why Latvia so relies on the internet. Why are no conclusions drawn from the black-out in the neighboring country? The broadcasting service can’t be dependent on a medium that is vulnerable, like the Internet.

Re: DAB+ na Łotwie

: 28 marca 2018, o 19:09
autor: JanisDX_Latvia
"What problem should DAB + solve in your country?"
So my answer is this. DAB+ should solve the reception problems because the FM frequency resources are almost empty. Even reception problems with Public (National media) stations. Click here to see the more of FM signal coverage maps of Latvian public radio stations:

Coverage of Latvian Radio 1 on FM - 96,8 % of the territory Obrazek

Coverage of Latvian Radio 2 on FM - 94,4 % of the terriory Obrazek

Conclusion: The coverage should be better if we use DAB+.
So people could here all Latvian public radio stations. Same is as for comercial radio stations. DAB has the (SFN) Same Frequency Network option so, no worry about what frequency is free.

The old FM networks only have space for a few channels. DAB gives listeners access to a broader selection of channels from commercial broadcasters and National (public) radio stations. More channels means more competition to create the best possible radio content, benefiting listeners. Moreover, various local DAB networks already exist, and more are being planned.
Why are no conclusions drawn from the black-out in the neighboring country? The broadcasting service can’t be dependent on a medium that is vulnerable, like the Internet.
Digitisation provides numerous opportunities for the radio medium, but broadcasting remains the backbone that safeguards radio’s distinctive characteristics. DAB broadcasting will ensure that radio remains easily accessible everywhere. Unlike in the case of internet radio, quality and accessibility will not depend on the number of listeners. Further, radio has an important emergency response function, and DAB offers major advantages over FM and internet transmissions in this regard.

The DAB network will also ensure that radio remains free for users. Although internet radio can work well at home, reliance on mobile broadband can quickly become expensive when on the move. Moreover, internet radio currently offers far poorer stability and capacity than DAB. Accordingly, the existence of a free, national DAB alternative to radio via mobile broadband will be of benefit to listeners.